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Hook Size Stitch Markers

Designed By Angela

  • $ 997

Need to use your current hook for another project?  These 5 "Hook Size" Stitch Markers are perfect!  Take out your hook and clip the stitch marker with the corresponding hook size onto your WIP.  When you're ready to work on that project again, you'll know what size hook you were using!  Brilliant!

**Please indicate which 5 letters and which 5 colors you would like in the "Letters" and "Colors" boxes above.

Available colors:  Lilac (B), Dark Pink (C), Dark Green (D), Silver (E), Bright Green (F), Lavender (G), Gold (H), Light Blue (I), Teal (J), Purple (K), Light Pink (L), Dark Gray (M), Pearl (N)

Please note: since each order is handmade with love, slight variations in color and/or shape may occur.

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