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About Us

You love to crochet.

Maybe because it's a stress relief.

Maybe because you need a distraction from the kids.

Maybe because it just helps pass the time.

Maybe because you like making special gifts for the people you care about most (and yourself).

No matter the reason, you're probably spending a good amount of time with your hook and yarn. Which begs the question:

"Why not do it with a hook you love?"

That's why we created Happy Hooks. Since crochet is a part of your life, we want to add a smile to it!  :-)

What Makes A Happy Hook?

Sunshine? Rainbows? Unicorns?

Not quite.

It's love and passion.

Every Happy Hook, stitch marker, key chain, or button is handmade by a designer who truly loves what they do.

Each item:
  1. Uses the highest quality clay to make sure that it will last as long as your love for crochet. 
  2. Is original and unique. 
  3. Is designed for daily use. 
  4. Is customized with the brand and size that you prefer. 
  5. Comes with our Lifetime Smile Guarantee.

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